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The Spandex Report
Independence Edition
July 04, 2011


- Power Morphicon 2012 has officially been announced. It will be held August 17-19, 2012 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California, although attending on the 17th is limited to preregistrants only just like in the past.


- Ranger Bar: Season 2- Green No More 1&2

Blogs, RPGs, Communities, and Challenges

- [ profile] ranger_recaps posted recaps of Chase Into Space pt. I and pt. II, a season 5 roundup, and From Out of Nowhere pt. I and pt. II.
- The femslash fic exchange hosted by [community profile] prficathons/[ profile] prficathons that we mentioned three reports ago ends sign-ups this Friday. If you're still interested, you can sign up on either DW or LJ.


- Answering the Call ch. 14 by Jeannine Trevizo (new power team w/ canon characters, AU post-Turbo, Tommy/Kim, M)
- A Divine Conspiracy ch. 12 by Griddlebone (AU, Tommy/Kim, Jason/Trini, T)
- Easier to Hide (DVD Commentary ver.) by [personal profile] estirose (RPM, warning: suicide references, T)
- Forget Me Not by Griddlebone (MMPR, Billy/Trini, M)
- Get in Gear ch. 7 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (RPM, Scott/Flynn/Summer, T)


- Icons: 125 MMPR icons by [ profile] luv_me_xoxo
- Icons: 36 DT icons by [ profile] slntfireflyicon
- Artwork: MMPR DVD artwork by gyrfalcon65
- Artwork: MMPR- Red Ranger xD by FateAndSoul
- Artwork: The Pink Ranger by nbashowtimeonnbc
- Artwork: Mean Green by Marshmallow-kid
- Artwork: Planet Eltar by PatrickFury
- Cosplay: Red Ranger by gotenks6

Notable Discussion


- PR Samurai: Power Rangers July Listings -- Updated 6/30

Henshin Justice Unlimited

- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai - News/Rumors/Discussion!

- General: What would happen if these people remained in PRT and PRiS?
- General: Power Rangers Comes to NETFLIX STREAMING Starting 6/15!
- General: The Power Rangers Netflix Experience: Visiting Lost Galaxy

Power Morphicon

- PR Samurai: new episodes

- General: Power Rangers On Netflix
- General: What RANGER are you?

Power Rangers United

- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai Spoilers

- General: Is It True?
- General: Ranger Powers
- General: Pr On Instant Netflix


- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai General News

- General: Mark Harris Stunt Productions - Power Rangers Production Images
- General: NETFLIX STREAMING: Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Beetleborgs!
- General: Mighty morphin power rangers reboot...
- General: MMPR's Theme: The evolution of the remix
- General: Power Rangers S.P.D. to be dubbed in Japanese
- General: What season of Power Rangers would you have added an extra ranger?
- General: Question about SPD's timeframe, NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
- General: What happened to Shuki Levy?
- General: Kimberly and Dinozord Tank Mode
- General: Would you like to see a Power Ranger MMO RPG
- General: Why wasn't Saba utilized more?


- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai Discussion

- General: Power Rangers on Netflix (VR Troopers and Beetleborgs, too)
- General: 20th anniversary-disney seasons?
- General: A-Squad Good or Bad?
- General: Power Rangers S.P.D. to be dubbed in Japanese.
- General: Ranger References
- General: Building Explosions in PR
- General: Goldar and Self-Confidence
- General: Youtube Finally hit-copyright claim by SCG Power Rangers LLC.
- General: why couldnt zedd and rita use serpentara to destroy the machine empire
- General: What if Tommy, Adam, Kat, and Tanya remained through Turbo and Space...
- General: Could the orgs return?

Tokusatsu Fusion

- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai Discussion Thread

Did we miss anything? Got news for the next report? Send it to
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