Jun. 13th, 2011

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The Spandex Report
The Sun Behind My Back
June 13, 2011


- According to the official Twitter account, new episodes of Samurai will start airing again "later this summer". It also claims classic PR eps will be airing on TV later this year, available at some undisclosed location online as well.
- This year's Licensing International Expo begins tomorrow and runs through Thursday. This is the convention we usually get news from about future PR toylines and distribution opportunities, and in rare cases the synopsis and logo for next year's season (no guarantee on that one this time though). More info can be found here and here.


- No Pink Spandex: Episode 129: Secret Asian Man - Discussion of Power Rangers Samurai episode 9 "Test of the Leader."
- No Pink Spandex: Episode 130: RevealOed - Discussion of Power Rangers Samurai Episode 10 “Jayden’s Challenge”, Judd Lynn Answers Questions at Henshin Justice, and more.

Blogs, RPGs, Communities, and Challenges

- [livejournal.com profile] ranger_recaps posted recaps of Spirit of the Woods and The Song of Confusion.
- [livejournal.com profile] pr_samurai discusses the hiatus. (keep calm)
- [livejournal.com profile] pr_meta has discussions on the Red Ranger quality and your favorite ship.
- [community profile] prficathons/[livejournal.com profile] prficathons is hosting a femslash fic exchange! Sign-ups go until July 9th. You can sign up on either DW or LJ.


- Full of Surprises Chapter 3 by [livejournal.com profile] dj_rocca (DT, Tommy/Kira, T)
- Six Sex Dreams the Overdrive Rangers Wish Had Never Happened by [personal profile] angel_negra (OO, R)
- Packing Explosives in a Suitcase by [livejournal.com profile] soulascending (RPM/Danger Days, T)
- Kismet Chapter 1 by [livejournal.com profile] psyco_chick32 (MMPR/Inuyasha, T)
- The Necessity of Heroes by [personal profile] estirose (PRiS/Final Fantasy II, Andros/Ashley, Firion/Maria, PG)
- Elephant in the Room by [personal profile] estirose (RPM AU, PG)
- Stolen From Loneliness (RPM, Dillon/Ziggy, PG-13)
- Five Times The Twins Were Terrifying and One Time They Weren't by [livejournal.com profile] littledelusion (RPM, PG-13)
- Reflection by Seren Maris (SPD, T)
- Darker Shades Chapter 11 by Unromantic Poetess (MMPR, T)
- Get in Gear Chapter 5 by Guardian of Hope (RPM, Scott/Summer/Flynn, T)
- Wayward Son Chapter 10 by Guardian of Hope (Turbo/SGA, T)


- Dillon and Scott by Autumn Sacura (RPM)
- Koragg by cioste (MF)
- MMPR Hollows Primator by dragonfire53511 (MMPR/Bleach)
- Trapped by general radix (MMPR)
- Divatox by gatsubeserk1989 (Turbo)
- The Replacement Rangers by darkssj3goku (MMPR)


- Music Video: F***ing Perfect by singerstars (Multi-season)

Notable Discussion

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Editor's Note

We've gotten one response about our appeal for new editors last week, but we're still looking for someone else! Please contact us using the e-mail address below if you're interested in working for the Report.

Did we miss anything? Got news for the next report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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